Author: Mark Phelps

How to Boost Customer Lifetime Value

Lifetime value is a prediction of the total revenue that you will receive from the entire future relationship of a customer. It’s an important business metric to know when buying customers.

How to Include Your Salary in Your Financial Forecast

No matter if your business is new or old, make sure to follow this one simple principle: pay yourself first. This blog post explains how and why you should include a market-based salary in your financial forecast.

How to Succeed Financially When Your Family Business Is in the Red

If your family business is in the red, take these 4 actionable steps to improve your situation and succeed financially in 2020 and beyond.

5 Ways to Improve Your Workplace Communication

ActionCOACH’s Mark Phelps recently shared with SharpCFO’s Ryan Dietrich 5 strategies that will greatly improve your workplace communication skills – both in person and virtually.

How to Calculate Your Conversion Rates

Conversion rate is the total number of conversions or sales / total number of leads x 100. Businesses calculate conversion rates during marketing campaigns.

What Are Allowable Acquisition Costs?

Do you know how much it costs for you to acquire a new customer? This post explores two ways to learn about your profit per customer.

Tips for Managing Your Business Financials Interview with SharpCFO

We recently sat down with our friends Rob Simon and Ryan Dietrich from SharpCFO to discuss a few questions about how businesses should be approaching their financials, especially given the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch, listen or read the conversation using the resources below. So what are some things businesses should be looking for in their financials…
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What Are the Five Ways You Can Increase Profits?

Does your company currently view marketing as an expense? Are you spending your hard-earned money on advertising and promotion to bring customers in but then failing to deliver an experience that will create “Raving Fans”? If that’s the case then you might be overlooking one important factor when it comes to your business, which is…
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People are Power: Invest in Them

You are 100% in. 110% if such a thing were possible. Everything you have is the only thing that is keeping the machine moving. Day in and day out you push, pull, focus, grind, sweat, persevere. The tasks MUST get done. The pressure builds and builds. And when a free moment appears, the mind goes…
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Getting Unstuck: Alignment of Self

Are you tired of feeling stuck and out of energy? Take some time to align yourself by asking a few simple questions.