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Your Brain on Business Part 8: The Power of Belief

Beliefs are powerful. Research shows people who experience a lot of stress but who do not view stress as harmful to their health, are more likely to live longer.

Your Brain on Business Part 7: The Power of Words

Words matter. Research shows that language expressed on Twitter at the community level predicts the likelihood of mortality from heart disease better than a model based on demographic, socioeconomic, and health risk factors.

Your Brain on Business Part 6: Point of Power

People who stay above the Point of Power are successful. They take responsibility, ownership, and accountability.

Your Brain on Business Part 5: Energized or De-energized

Your mindset drives your feelings and actions. Positive thoughts energize you and drive you to act whereas negative thoughts do the opposite.

Your Brain on Business Part 4: The Questions You Ask Yourself

The questions we ask ourselves affect our self-worth and outlook on business and life. It’s important to understand how the brain works so you can be successful.

Your Brain on Business Part 3: Commentary 2

The commentary in our mind is our ego’s way of justifying our behavior and reinforcing our thinking. It’s important to be aware of this commentary.

Your Brain on Business 2: The Commentary Inside Your Head

Your brain’s RAS gives attention to different things that are important to you and runs commentaries, which can have a profound impact on your business and life.

Your Brain on Business: Part 1

The Reticular Activating System (RAS) in the human brain has profound importance to both business and life. Learn about the RAS and why it’s important in this vlog!

The Great Resignation: Part III

Managers need to understand what Millennials and Gen Z want from their jobs in order to engage and retain them. Watch this vlog to discover their top 6 work demands.

The Great Resignation: Part II

What makes a great manager? And why do good managers matter to retaining employees? Find out in this vlog with Coach Rick Phelps!