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4 Ways to Generate On-Target Leads

If you’re using a wide net to attract new customers, you might be disappointed by your catch. Marketing to everyone has the same results as marketing to no one. Instead, get laser focused with your marketing, and use these four ways to generate on-target leads.

How to Teach Your Team Customer Service

Poor customer service can spell disaster for your business. It’s important that all people on your team know their roles in creating a great customer service experience. Here are 5 ways a coach can help you when teaching customer service to your team.

Repositioned Value Proposition Skyrockets Sales Growth

An Avon, Ohio massage therapist and business owner wanted to grow her practice so she attended an ActionCOACH training session. Her results – an 83% increase in sales!

How to Pick the Right Sales Training Program

Training your team to know (and even enjoy) the sales process is an essential part of growing your business. But before you pick a sales training program, it’s critical to know your numbers and recognize areas of weakness in your sales process.

Business Owners Speak Out: Spotlighting Solon’s Businesses

Here’s a collection of interviews from local business owners with amazing insights into today’s challenges.

How to Boost Customer Lifetime Value

Lifetime value is a prediction of the total revenue that you will receive from the entire future relationship of a customer. It’s an important business metric to know when buying customers.

5 Ways Your Mind Can Be an Asset or Liability

Are your beliefs, biases, questions, words, and inner narratives helping you or hurting you? Being aware of your mind’s inner workings will help you be more productive in your business and life.

How to Calculate Your Conversion Rates

Conversion rate is the total number of conversions or sales / total number of leads x 100. Businesses calculate conversion rates during marketing campaigns.

What Are the Five Ways You Can Increase Profits?

Does your company currently view marketing as an expense? Are you spending your hard-earned money on advertising and promotion to bring customers in but then failing to deliver an experience that will create “Raving Fans”? If that’s the case then you might be overlooking one important factor when it comes to your business, which is…
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