Using TOC to Address Today’s Challenges With the Supply Chain and Tight Labor Market​

Is Your Manufacturing Firm Not as Profitable Despite Strong Revenue Growth?

Learn how to turn your frustrations into action that will drive your productivity and profitability to levels you wouldn’t believe. To learn more:

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Using TOC to Address Today’s Challenges With the Supply Chain and Tight Labor Market

1. Virtual Workshop Series

 Every Tuesday through Friday starting May 4 – 28 

7 A.M. to 8:15 A.M.

Virtually through Zoom

2. Follow-Up Coaching

Tuesdays starting June 1 – September 2021

7 A.M. to 8 A.M.

Virtually through Zoom with on-site visits in person

Is Your Business’s Profitability Throttled Due to Supply Chain Issues or a Tight Labor Market?

The Problem

For many manufacturers today, the constraint that limits the business’s ability to make a profit is NOT in the market and NOT in an internal process, but in the supply chain or availability of skilled labor.

The good news is constraints are a source of leverage and power!

There will always be a constraint in your business.

Recognizing and rapidly adapting to the current constraint can be a huge competitive advantage for your business.

How We Will Help

ActionCoach will train and mentor you and your leadership team on how to apply the Theory of Constraints, the most powerful continuous improvement model ever created, to your business. 

Virtual Workshops

We’ll guide your team through interactive workshops that will give you the insights and knowledge you need to leverage your business’s current constraint AND future constraints as conditions and the economy change.

Follow-Up Coaching

Learning is a waste of time if you do not implement. From June through September you and the other participants will participate in weekly, one-hour group coaching sessions to share experiences, get your questions answered, and be held accountable for the implementation in your business.

ActionCoach will also do a half-day walk through audit of your site to review your manufacturing system and your application of the learnings to your business.

This Training Series is For:




What You'll Learn:

✔ The different types of constraints, and how to identify them

✔ The impact of cost accounting on your business decisions and profitability

✔ How to build a powerful operating strategy that connects every role in your business to the goal of your business

✔ How to collapse project timelines while improving implementation quality

✔ How to solve problems you thought were not solvable

✔ How to better manage and engage your team

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Your Investment

This training series can help you gain potentially millions of dollars for your manufacturing firm.

Your Cost

The costs for your ENTIRE leadership team to attend is $1,000.

Follow-up coaching is then billed at $1,000 per month.

No Risk

We’re confident that this knowledge will lead to major breakthroughs in your business. 

If you decide if it is not for you in the first week, you will receive a full refund. You can also exit the program at any time and will not incur any further charges.

Rick became the key member of a team that greatly improved our overall equipment reliability, put the right folks in the right roles, streamlined production and drove nearly $100 million in costs out of the system. 

Terry G. Fedor, II

Executive Vice President – U. S. Iron Ore Operations Cleveland Cliffs

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This Knowledge Will Lead to Major Breakthroughs in Your Business