Part 1/6: Developing Your Operating System: Connecting All the Pieces

Part 1/6: Developing Your Operating System: Connecting All the Pieces


The Developing Your Operating System vlog series builds off our Understanding Your Economic Engine vlog series. If you haven’t already watched the first vlog series, we encourage you to do so as we’ll be elaborating on important concepts discussed in the initial eight-part series.

In this first video, ActionCOACH Rick Phelps explores and defines an Operating System.

An Operating System for your business defines the relationships between ALL of the players in the business – from the shop floor to the top floor.

It directly connects the work that EVERYONE performs on a day-to-day basis to the goals and objectives of the business.

Every business has an operating system – but not all have a clearly defined one. This is a problem because these businesses are worth less than those companies that have an explicit operating system. At ActionCOACH, we want to help businesses build systems and processes that make them successful and highly profitable.

Watch this first vlog to learn how to connect all of the parts and roles of your business to your objectives and goals for maximum productivity and profitability!

Rick Phelps coaches business owners and their leadership teams to create and sustain cultures and systems with the goal of providing spectacular results.

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