Part 5/6: Developing Your Operating System: Levels of Work: (Accountability)

Part 5/6: Developing Your Operating System: Levels of Work: (Accountability)


The nature of work changes at every level of your organization.

Workers at the first rung are expected to complete tasks as specified and work through problems.

Your frontline managers are accountable for making sure that these workers are executing the work as specified, while your department managers are charged with ensuring the work system delivers results as expected.

If the whole body of work doesn’t deliver results as expected, it’s the manager’s role to fix or redesign those systems.

At the very top of your organization, the general manager or CEO is responsible for guaranteeing that the entire system is delivering value – getting a return on investment that is needed to keep the business viable and generating net profits to make sure it grows and thrives.

Watch this vlog to learn more about how you can build accountability at every level of your business!

Rick Phelps coaches business owners and their leadership teams to create and sustain cultures and systems with the goal of providing spectacular results.

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