Your Brain on Business Part 4: The Questions You Ask Yourself

Your Brain on Business Part 4: The Questions You Ask Yourself

Hello again, my name is Rick Phelps. I’m an ActionCoach business coach. And we are on part four of ‘Your Brain on Business’. This one we title, ‘The Questions You Ask Yourself.’

Your Ego Wants You to Be Right

And again, we started the last vlog talking about the ego and the commentary and the stories that it makes up. We want to continue on that theme today. And so one of the things that you need to be mindful of is the fact that your ego, as we described in the last vlog, wants you to be right or successful. And it’s not in some purest sense of the word right or successful. It has to do with right or successful in the terms of your thinking. And that’s why how you think and what you think, is really, really important.

How and What You Think Is Important

And so if the narrative in your head is about success, and you start asking yourself, well, ‘what’s great about this situation, how can I… fill in the blank, I can do this,’ if you have a positive narrative going on in your head, then your brain is going to, and your RAS is going to have to see and experience things that are going to help that and your brain is going to tell you commentary about how these things can happen. What’s really is great about these things, how can I do things, and your brain will help you do that. And it will lead you in the direction of success.

Conversely, and this is really, really important. And with all the negativity that’s in the world right now, just think about this hard. If you’re asking questions, what’s wrong with me? Think you, your ego, or your brain has any problem coming up with things that are wrong with you? Hell, you’re human, right?

Questions You Ask Yourself Shape Your Reality

All kinds of things and stories and examples your brain can share with you about what’s wrong with you. Same thing with why can’t I? Well, you can’t because probably a million different things your brain can come up with. And if you start saying I’m no good, you’re RAS starts to tune yourself to finding examples and giving you a commentary on just how no good you are right? And ah, that doesn’t lead to success, but a lot of cases that leads to suicide.

And that really sucks because the difference is simply in the questions you’re asking yourself. So when you find yourself being negative, and asking questions of your brain, which it will seek to answer, and help you become “right and successful” in whatever you’re thinking about. Make sure you’re not going down the path of I’m no good. I’m not worthy. Or all that other crap that we feed ourselves in our feeder, right.

Switch the Narrative

Because your brain will get yourself into a positive reinforcement loop, giving you examples showing you examples, letting you see and hear things that are interpreted, usually wrongly, that yeah, there’s something wrong with me, the reasons why you can’t and how, in so many different ways. You’re no good.

When in fact, if you just switch the narrative in your brain, and start asking yourself, what’s great about this, how can I? How can I do things? Isn’t this wonderful? Your brain will help you see and experience all the ways that things are wonderful and it will lead to success. And that’s why understanding how your brain works is so important to your personal life and your business life.

Improve Your Self-Talk With A Business Coach

I’m Rick Phelps. I’m a business coach with ActionCoach business coaching. I can be reached at 216-533-3987. All right, Have a safe and profitable week.

Rick Phelps coaches business owners and their leadership teams to create and sustain cultures and systems with the goal of providing spectacular results.

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