Your Brain on Business Part 5: Energized or De-energized

Your Brain on Business Part 5: Energized or De-energized


Hello, my name is Rick Phelps, and welcome back to ‘Your Brain on Business’. Today we’re going to talk about how your brain can energize you, and how your brain can de-energize you. So hang on tight, as we explore some more fascinating aspects about your brain. Because you see, your mindset drives everything.

Your Thoughts Drive Your Feelings

And there’s a, there’s a nice book we like to use, it’s Clarity by Jamie Smart. And the quote there at the bottom is “you are living in the feeling of your thinking”, you are living in the feeling of your thinking. And so your life is driven by what you’re thinking about in your brain. And you can have positive thoughts, and you could have negative thoughts. And that was the topic of the last vlog.

That thinking is going to drive your feelings. And so if you are having negative thoughts, about yourself, about life, about business, about a relationship, or whatever, that’s going to get you into a, let’s call it, a negative feelings zone. Although feelings are not positive or negative, there are feelings you can have that can in conjunction with negative thoughts drive you that way.

Change Your Thoughts to Change Your Feelings

Similarly, there are feelings you can have like being happy, which is a more positive and energizing feeling. And that’s exactly what feelings do. Feelings, your thinking drives your feeling. If you want to change how you’re feeling, change what you’re thinking about.

Your feelings then energize you, and they have a physical impact on your body. If you are happy and excited, you’re energized, you give yourself positive energy. It’s why we have pep rallies at sporting events, right? That’s we have the cheerleaders get everybody up and, and cheering because we know that our thinking, we can do this our feelings, yes, we’re gonna do this. And it physically energizes.

Just like on the negative stream of things, negative thoughts can get us down, feeling blue. And the net result is we become sick and tired of the way things are. Things are just so awful. You know, here we are in the 21st century, living at the pinnacle of civilization, every one of us on our worst day, live better than the best days of most royalty, 100 years or 200 years ago, it’s pretty amazing that we can get ourselves so down and blue about our situation. Our situation is fundamentally amazingly good right now.

Our Physical Energy Drives Our Actions

And so our physical energy drives our actions. And if we’re sick and tired, then we don’t have much energy. We don’t take much action. We don’t do things, right? Well, if we’re upbeat and positive, the actions we take are numerous. And so just the way we think about things, drives the results we have, because we have a choice throughout every day to either be energizing ourselves by thinking positively, which generate positive feelings, which gives us physical energy which drives action.

Or we can get ourselves in a funk and the blues. And let’s just take that nap or whatever, just goof off the afternoon. So you have a choice. Choose wisely. Because your actions are going to lead to your results. Either those results are going to be excellent. Because you have been positive and full of energy and full of action and getting excellent results. Or not so much you’ve been negative you’re down you low energy you don’t take any actions. Surprise, surprise. You have poor results. That’s how you are living in the feeling of your thinking per Jamie Smart and Clarity.

Contact a Business Coach to Get Energized

I’m Rick Phelps. I am a business coach with ActionCoach business coaching and I can be reached at 216-533-1387 or Have a safe and prosperous week.

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