Your Brain on Business Part 7: The Power of Words

Your Brain on Business Part 7: The Power of Words

Hello, and welcome back to Your Brain on Business. My name is Rick Phelps, I am an ActionCOACH business coach, and today’s topic on ‘Your Brain on Business’ is ‘The Power of Words’.

Correlation Between Tweets & Heart Disease Mortality

This is based on some mind-blowing research that’s available out there that basically looks at our health as a community. This is CDC-reported heart disease mortality, and it goes from dark green, which is rather healthy, to dark red, unhealthy. And this research looked at county-by-county data, and then look for correlation in the language used in tweets, millions of tweets on Twitter.

They mapped negative language versus positive language. And they came up with shockingly similar maps. A high level of correlation. And in the footer, I’m going to step aside here you can see the research and you can find this fairly easily by searching on Twitter predicted AHD mortality. If you want to actually read the study that this is drawing from.

Positive Words Correlate With Positive Health Results

Alright, so you have a map of heart disease, you have a map of language, let’s look at the words that are used in the language. On the dark green side, the green framed area, you’ve got words like skills management and research and business and customers and service and conference and meeting and staff and experience and great and good company and hope and fantastic and wonderful and weekend and opportunities and possibilities and goals and achieve greatness and strength and challenges and faith overcome. All of these positive words correlate with the positive health results.

Negative Words Correlate With Negative Health Results

Similarly, the red side of things had a bunch of expletives on the top line, which I will not repeat. And the middle we have things like hate and haters and jealousy, bullshit and drama and hate and despise and bored and boredom and tired and so freaking tired. And bed and good night and tired and sleepy and ready. Just a bunch of negative crap.

Words Impact Your Quality of Life & Business

And so. words, they do matter! Because those poor words that are being used in a community correlate extremely well with the health experience in those communities. And this is perfectly in line with what we’ve been talking about in this blog series where your mind has a tremendous amount of power over your experience in life. And so watch out what you’re thinking to watch out what language you’re using, because it does, in fact, have a profound effect on your life and your business.

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