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Learn how you can help create world abundance by building a business that delivers exceptional results!

Would You Enjoy Working Less and Living More?

Your time is the most precious resource you have. Build your business so that you can have more time to spend with the people you love and doing the activities that bring you joy.

Is Your Team Focused On Growth and Success?

Your team is the ticket to your freedom. Attract and hire excellent people, give them everything they need to succeed, and relax as they help drive your business to reach its full potential.

Would You Benefit From More Profits?

If you are like most people, more money could solve a lot of your daily troubles. Take action today and ask about the 5 Ways to Increase Profits that ActionCOACH clients use every day.


With all the competing priorities on your plate, we can help you sift through the noise and focus on the most important tasks with the greatest ROI.

Getting started is easy and, best of all, free. We will work with you to identify the opportunities that exist for your business and we only work with people who we can find a 3X or greater return on investment within the first year.

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Who We Are

As business owners ourselves, we can guide you to becoming successful business people using the knowledge and systems available through ActionCOACH, the world’s number 1 business coaching company.

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Rick Phelps

Rick is an ActionCOACH certified business coach with a 35+ year career in business improvement and coaching for results and he is passionate about how businesses can achieve radically profitable growth using a little bit of knowledge and focus.

Mark Phelps

Mark is an ActionCOACH certified business coach who has worked for Fortune 500 companies as well as with small businesses on leadership and business improvement, Mark has a resolve for making a difference in people’s lives by digging deep and exposing root causes.


ActionCOACH is the  
world’s #1 business coaching franchise with more than 25 years of experience.

Established in 1993, ActionCOACH continues to prosper and grow ahead of the competition. Our franchise partners span the globe and are in more than 80 countries. Our founder, Brad Sugars, has created a unique and powerful model to bring wealth and abundance to any business anywhere.


ActionCOACH’s 6 Steps to Successful Business

We define a successful business as a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without YOU (the owner).


The fundamentals of business include having a clear direction, understanding financials, delivering quality & consistency, and being productive with the time we have.


Successful businesses know their markets and what makes their offering unique. Effective marketing and sales systems are essential to generating cash flow.


Scaling a business is done by accomplishing more with less. Create systems for your business to increase efficency, quality, and profitability.


People are at the core of every great business. Great cultures have exceptional leadership, clear expectations, and demonstrated competence.


Successful businesses can replicate themselves by offering a wider range of products or services and in more places.


With a successful business money is abundant. Learn to invest, buy and sell businesses, give back and enjoy a fulfilling life.

Discover Your Future Successful Business

Results or Your Coaching is FREE

We Guarantee to get results, and that you’ll be able to “Find our Fee” in your business within 17-weeks of ActionCOACH coaching your company, or your coaching is FREE.

Your Results are Guaranteed

Our coaching programs have been tested and proven all over the world, so when you hire an ActionCOACH, you WILL get results. Even if you have done your part in good faith, have done all assignments, and have attended all coaching sessions, events, and workshops–but you’re still not satisfied or not seeing the results you want by the seventeenth week, we will coach you FREE until you get the results, no questions asked!

You Get the Truth About You & Your Business No Matter How Uncomfortable It May Be

When you hire an ActionCOACH, you will have the “unreasonable friend” and the personal business mentor you and your business need to succeed. You will be accountable for everything you say you will do, and your business will get the push it needs so you can get the results you want.

You Learn How to Apply New Education & Knowledge to Any Business Situation

Your ActionCOACH will guide you with proven systems and strategies that will allow you to make more profit whether you need more time, a better team, and more money.

You’ll be in the “driver’s seat” of your own business equipped with a “map” and a “license” to take it wherever you want to go with ActionCOACH by your side unlocking the potential of your company.

You Get Complete Confidentiality & A Personalized Approach to Your Business

Our Coaching relationship with you will involve trust and understanding about the nature of our strategy and of your business. We guarantee the privacy of our work together.

Your business is unique, and since you are relying on our vast business experience, we guarantee a full disclosure of the programs we recommend to you. We shall meet your expectations with the desired outcomes and results.

You Learn a System and Methodology that is Designed to Increase Your Profits

You will have complete and exclusive access to more than 3,500 strategies and tactics that make up our entire proprietary business coaching system, along with several methodological ways to successfully build your business.

Build a Commercial, Profitable Enterprise That Works Without You

Even if you are an owner who loves business and who loves working “in” your business every day, ActionCOACH will show you how to build a company you can work “on” whether you show up every day or not. Regardless of your ultimate goals, you will learn the strategies, systems, and advantages of the ActionCOACH definition of a successful business.


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what people are saying:

These guys are great! I personally know several of their clients that are multi-millionaires now. They have a process that works. It’s about more than information; they help you implement and live a better all around lifestyle that translates into personal and business growth. I go to their team coaching sessions on a weekly basis. I tell people it’s like brushing your teeth. It’s not something you can just do once. It is a longterm process of doing a few very simple things that have big results.

Dan S

Roaring Pages Marketing

If you are a new business or an existing business seeking to grow, I recommend the services of Mark Phelps and ActionCOACH. He is a great listener, excellent communicator, and is thoroughly engaged in the mission of business development.

Seth I. Steward

Linda’s Bee Farm

Rick became the key member of a team that greatly improved our overall equipment reliability, put the right folks in the right roles, streamlined production and drove nearly $100 million in costs out of the system. Rick is able to gather, compile, analyze and turn data into actionable information.

I would recommend Rick and his team to any organization that is trying to improve its greatest asset, people and they will in turn improve profitability.

Terry G. Fedor, II

Cleveland Cliffs

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