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Your Brain on Business Part 8: The Power of Belief

Beliefs are powerful. Research shows people who experience a lot of stress but who do not view stress as harmful to their health, are more likely to live longer.

Your Brain on Business Part 7: The Power of Words

Words matter. Research shows that language expressed on Twitter at the community level predicts the likelihood of mortality from heart disease better than a model based on demographic, socioeconomic, and health risk factors.

Your Brain on Business Part 6: Point of Power

People who stay above the Point of Power are successful. They take responsibility, ownership, and accountability.

Your Brain on Business Part 5: Energized or De-energized

Your mindset drives your feelings and actions. Positive thoughts energize you and drive you to act whereas negative thoughts do the opposite.

Your Brain on Business Part 4: The Questions You Ask Yourself

The questions we ask ourselves affect our self-worth and outlook on business and life. It’s important to understand how the brain works so you can be successful.

Your Brain on Business Part 3: Commentary 2

The commentary in our mind is our ego’s way of justifying our behavior and reinforcing our thinking. It’s important to be aware of this commentary.

The Great Resignation: Part III

Managers need to understand what Millennials and Gen Z want from their jobs in order to engage and retain them. Watch this vlog to discover their top 6 work demands.

The Great Resignation: Part II

What makes a great manager? And why do good managers matter to retaining employees? Find out in this vlog with Coach Rick Phelps!

The Great Resignation: Part I

ActionCOACH Rick Phelps discusses reasons behind The Great Resignation and what employers can do to prevent employees from leaving in this vlog.

Keys to a Winning Team: Part 5

Watch the final vlog in this series to learn how our client was able to get everyone at his organization involved in a process of continuous improvement.